HUT pizza dough ..

Ingredients for the dough.

Put in the order in your bowl of the robot with the hook

-1 cc of salt

-400 gr fine semolina of corn or wheat

-70 gr of flour

1 sachet of dry baker's yeast

lukewarm water


Put all the ingredients in the robot bowl with the hook. Add the water to your dough gradually until the dough forms a ball and comes off the sides.

The dough must not stick to the fingers.> Once your ball is formed, do not add more water and let knead ten minutes.

Cover with a cloth and leave to rest at room temperature around 30 minutes.

The quantity of dough is for 2 large pizzas. Once spread, put mozzarella on the edge and fold as shown in the picture. If necessary moisten with a little water to weld the two parts. Put the filling of your choice and bake between 20 and 30 minutes at 200 ° minimum.

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