Rillette less oily


1 kg of breast of pork

1.5 liters of beef broth

28 g of salt

10 g of white pepper

5 g of four spices

Cut the meat and lightly grill it,

Add the broth and cook for 3:45 on a very soft fire, mixing very often. And add water if necessary but avoid as much

When the meat is cooked, it detaches itself

Drain the meat to the maximum, but keep the juice obligatorily

Let it cool

Blot the meat on the fingers when it's completely cool

add the seasoning and warm up 10 minutes to mix well together.

Mold in a jar, cool completely and cover with 1 cm of the grease you have kept.

Only one word: EXELLENT ....... Ingredient for 2 well filled pots 200g of pralinoise, 100g dark chocolate, a box of sweetened condensed milk (397g), (not gloria, it's okay) 30g hazelnut oil. I have the cook'in and I whipped 4min 60 ° speed simmering .......

recipes simple, fast and according to my mood and my courage ......

Ingredients (4 servings): - 1 Morteau sausage (or 2 of Montbéliard) - 1 Mont d'Or (round wooden box of about 500 g) - 1 kg of gratin potatoes - 2 shallots - 1 clove garlic - salt and pepper to cook Morteau sausage (about 30 minutes)...

Just an idea .... I had a rest of crumble, I made pana cota without grout ... Here .... Pana cota crumble .... A treat ........