Beef my way

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver's recipe book base being the beef Strogoff that I slightly modified even much modified.

For 5 people:

Two onions

1pot of 500g mushroom mixture

> 1 natural yogurt

5 slices of stewed beef

Sweet paprika

Persillade 100g

Salt pepper


Cook your rice as usual.

Chop the onions and fry them until they are translucent but not grilled. Serve pepper mix. Add the mushroom mixture that you have previously drained. Salt pepper add the parsley. Let simmer for a while. On your cutting board slice the slices of beef about 1 cm. Sprinkle the slices of beef curry well mix them by hand so that each slices and paprika, salt and pepper slightly. Heat a meat grill, when hot place the slices of meat Attention the meat should not too much just cook toasted well top each piece then add the yogurt. turn off the heat. Take a large serving dish, place the cooked rice, then spread over the onion mushroom mixture, and place the beef slices with the sauce. Enjoy hot.

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