Liège chocolate with cookin

Of course it's a cook'in recipe but you can to make in a saucepan, there's no problem!

500 ml of whole milk

2 eggs

80 g of dark chocolate (milk shock for me ...)

15 g bitter cocoa powder

80 g sugar

20 g flour (I replace it with cornflour)

Put all the ingredients in the bowl, and cook for 10 minutes at 90 ° C, speed 3.

Pour the creams into small containers.
Cool, then cover and place in the fridge.

Enjoy cold with a mountain of whipped cream .....

 Liege cookin chocolate
 Liege cookin chocolate
Nutella thermomix or cook'in

Only one word: EXELLENT ....... Ingredient for 2 well filled pots 200g of pralinoise, 100g dark chocolate, a box of sweetened condensed milk (397g), (not gloria, it's okay) 30g hazelnut oil. I have the cook'in and I whipped 4min 60 ° speed simmering .......

 Lamb shoulder rolled with snails butter

A delight this meat Ingredient 1 boneless lamb shoulder 1 beautiful thick slice of butter homemade snail Olive oil Ask your butcher to boning your lamb shoulder Preheat the oven to 210 ° Spread your snail butter inside. .....

 HUT style pizza dough.

Ingredients for the dough. Put in the order in your bowl of the robot with the hook -1 cc of salt -400 gr of fine semolina of corn or wheat -70 gr of flour 1 sachet of baker's yeast dry-water warm Achievement Put all the ingredients in ......

 Pana cota crumble

Just an idea .... I had a rest of crumble, I made pana cota without grout ... Here .... Pana cota crumble .... A treat ........