Churros or chichis

Not having a device for Churros I took my sleeve sleeve with the largest fluted sleeve I had.


A bowl of flour

A bowl of boiling water

Of an orange blossomSugar of a semolina

In a big bowl, add the quantity of flour, place the orange blossom and the mixed sugar a little, pour the boiling water. In a frying pan heat 1 l oil up to 180 °, put the flour mixture in boiling water in a piping bag with the fluted socket or in your appliance if you have it, When it has reached the temperature, drop some churros sausages, cook for a few minutes, taking the time to return them. When the Churros are golden remove them Delhuile and put them on a sopalain.I put them in a salad bowl or serving dish, sprinkle them with sugar, I used icing sugar decor that they do not do If you want you can melt Nutella in which you will soak your chichi.

 Churros or chichis
 Churros or chichis
 Panna cotta with carambar sauce

First, thanks to Josette Morin who gave me the recipe. Ingredients/for 6 people 40 cl crème fleurette 10 cl of milk 3 sheets of gelatin 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla 70 g of sugar Carambar sauce: 16 Carambars 20 cl of cream ......

 Vanilla Magic Cake

Thank you Toquees in delusions for the recipe Ingredients (6 people) 1/2 liter of milk (half skimmed) 4 eggs 150 g of powdered sugar 1 tablespoon of water 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 2 vanilla pods (replaced by 2 teaspoons extract) ......

Lebanese laminated wheel

Recipe view on kitchen more, Bernard Laurence It's still much better the next day. For a plate of 21 on 21cm: 500g of raw cashew 90g of caster sugar 20 sheets of filo dough of 21cm on 30 200g of ghee (or melted butter) 250g ......

 Mortar Gratin with the Golden Mount

Ingredients (4 servings): - 1 Morteau sausage (or 2 of Montbéliard) - 1 Mont d'Or (round wooden box of about 500 g) - 1 kg of gratin potatoes - 2 shallots - 1 clove garlic - salt and pepper to cook Morteau sausage (about 30 minutes)...