Pea/ham verrine

 Pea/ham verrine
 Pea/ham verrine

Thanks to my niece Ad'line ..

Ingredient for 2 beautiful verrine

Lâ lower part (green) ...

2cas cheese boursin cuisine garlic and herbs

1 small onion

1 small box peas

Mix everything well until no pieces remain

Put in the bottom of the verrine

Put on each, the equivalent of a teaspoon of cheese garlic and herbs and spread it a little without pushing

The pink part ...

2 slices ham white

About 100g St Moret

Mix everything and put on the previous mixture

Sprinkle with parsley for the decoration

Keep cool until serving.

We can serve with a spoon or endive and this serve with the endive leaves ..

A delicious starter or to make verrines less consistent for the aperitif .. Perfect, thank you Ad'line !!!!

 Good week end

recipes simple, fast and according to my mood and my courage ......

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