Pea/ham verrine

 Pea/ham verrine
 Pea/ham verrine

Thanks to my niece Ad'line ..

Ingredient for 2 beautiful verrine

Lâ lower part (green) ...

2cas cheese boursin cuisine garlic and herbs

1 small onion

1 small box peas

Mix everything well until no pieces remain

Put in the bottom of the verrine

Put on each, the equivalent of a teaspoon of cheese garlic and herbs and spread it a little without pushing

The pink part ...

2 slices ham white

About 100g St Moret

Mix everything and put on the previous mixture

Sprinkle with parsley for the decoration

Keep cool until serving.

We can serve with a spoon or endive and this serve with the endive leaves ..

A delicious starter or to make verrines less consistent for the aperitif .. Perfect, thank you Ad'line !!!!

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