ingredient for about 5 people

20aine boudoirs or biscuit spoon

200g mascarpone

3 eggs

150g sugar

chocolate powder
tapered almond

3 coffee cup

1 rum case

use a dish of your choice, I took a rectangular dish on a medium board ...

make your own coffee so that it is cold, otherwise it will soften your cookies

in your coffee, put the rum

separate the whites of the yellows and mounted your white in snow

in another bowl, mix the yolks with the sugar

add the mascarpone, mix it up

mix delicately the white with the cream mascarpone

do your editing:

dipped the first boudoirs and formed a "bed" in the bottom of your dish

pour half of the cream, just to cover, be careful not to put everything

with a sieve, put the chocolate powder

sprinkle with flaked almonds

remake a second layer of boudoirs soaked in the coffee

pour le reste, powder chocolate, re almond slender
> to freshen up the next day !!!!!

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