Totally improvised dessert ..

 Totally improvised dessert ..
 Totally improvised dessert.
Totally improvised dessert ..
 Totally improvised dessert ..
 Totally improvised dessert ..

Ingredients for 10:

1 liter of whole liquid cream

500 g mascarpone

6 cases of icing sugar

1 case liquid vanilla

- sachet 500g raspberries Frozen

1 pack Roses of Reims

Chips chocolate white and black for the deco

For the chips of chocolate I use 2 chocolate bars, 1 white and 1 black that I lay flat on the worktop, and with a good kitchen knife large even you go from the top of the tablet to come back down by scraping and pressing lightly, the tablet being wedged against belly, it does not move ..

Use a flat people

Break roughly (leave pieces for the crunchy), all the package of roses Reims and put a little in the bottom of the dish

Put in the bowl of the kitchenaid, cream mascarpone, sugar and vanilla and put the whole thing in whipped cream,

On the bottom of the dish, on the biscuit, place some raspberries, be generous ...

Spread a layer of whipped cream

A layer of biscuit


Whipped cream

Finish by putting biscuit, a little raspberry s,

Then the chocolate shavings ...

Keep cool ..

A delight of delicacies !!!!!!!

 Mortar Gratin with the Golden Mount

Ingredients (4 servings): - 1 Morteau sausage (or 2 of Montbéliard) - 1 Mont d'Or (round wooden box of about 500 g) - 1 kg of gratin potatoes - 2 shallots - 1 clove garlic - salt and pepper to cook Morteau sausage (about 30 minutes)...

 Pea/ham verrine

Thanks to my niece Ad'line .. Ingredient for 2 beautiful verrine Lâ lower part (green) ... 2cas boursin cheese cooking garlic and herbs 1 small onion 1 small box peas well Mix all that there are no pieces left Deposit in the background ......


Ingredients for 5 people about 20 boudoirs or biscuit spoon 200g mascarpone 3 eggs 150g chocolate sugar tapered almond powder 3 teaspoon 1 case rum use a dish of your choice, I took a rectangular dish on board medium ... ......

Croque choco- banana

Ingredient for 4 croques 8 slices of brioches (lost, stale) 2 eggs A good glass of milk or about 250 .... 2 sachet sugar vanilla Nutella 2 very ripe bananas blackened boxes On the surface of your buns spread nutella without going too much ras ......